OST INSIGHT is a project dedicated to artistic and digital creation. It originated in Saint-Petersburg, Russia as a collaboration between graphic designer Ekaterina Zatsepina and artist Marina Saburova. Our mission is to build visual and aesthetic bridges between Eastern and Western thinking as demonstrated through the artistic medium.

Marina Saburova:

"My paintings explore the idea of emptiness and the void and its relevance for our understanding of the whole. I venture to jibe Russian idylls and juxtapose it with Japanese aesthetics and art. I focus on the asymmetry of minimalism, as I try to grasp and harness the ascetic art form; to paint it in the colour of simplicity: my ideal of beauty and tranquility. I try to find beauty in pure forms, in the dynamics of dance expression, the transience of nature and  discover in sumi-e, japanese ink painting, and suminagashi, ink painting on water, a fine sense of material. I aspire to the expressive laconic elements – common feature of Japanese  design aesthetics – in which our everyday life is raised to the rank of the art and the technique of sumi-e to the style of life."