OST INSIGHT Co.Ltd. is a Russian company based in Saint-Petersburg which creates projects related to the Japanese culture and art for the world museums . The company also collaborates in creating interviews  for the international art festivals. We are glad to invest our knowledge and skills in order to create original art mediation, guided tours, art workshops or art therapy programs for the audience of any age.


The name of the company is derived from the words Ost and Insight. Ost means East or a wind coming from the east (this term was usually used in a maritime terminology). That is why, the logo of the company contains the element of the waves and wind. The word Insight is very common to the Eastern thought because it means intuition, apprehension of the inner nature of things. Combining these two words in the company's name, we seek to give in our various projects "insight into Eastern cultures ans arts".



The company is created by two friends in 2014, Marina Saburova and Ekaterina Zatsepina, who share their common interest in Japanese art, as well as degree in Art History. They were presenting together a radio program and named it OST INSIGHT. During one year they invited to their talk-show various artists, musicians, specialists in Eastern cultures in order to understand the influence of the Eastern culture abroad and, especially, in Saint-Petersburg. After this program's experience they decided to create a company with the same name.